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Healthcare Concierge Services | Corey Booker
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As medical professionals, we speak out for you.

Unfortunately, not all patients have someone they can count on to speak up for them and get the results they need from the health system. Dr. Booker solves this problem by giving patients access to a team of medical experts who help them confidently navigate the health system.

Bedsiide has assembled an experienced network of clinicians, advocates, billing and claims specialists, and health resource experts to deliver a full suite of Healthcare Advisory Services. Bedsiide offers patient advocacy, care coordination, access to second opinions, help with insurance and billing, and so much more.

Tell us your story

Getting what you need from the healthcare system can seem hopeless. However, we know there is a solution for everyone. Share your story and let us walk alongside you to your solution.

Our Services

Medical Directorship

The clinical leadership your organization needs to stay on top of every healthcare issue

Health Assistants

They are like a personal assistant in charge of your health

Case and Disease Management

Making sure you have the right team in place

Billing, Benefits & Claims

Support your employee’s health while getting the most for your insurance budget.

Patient Advocacy

They are like a personal assistant in charge of your health

Referrals/Second Opinions

The analysis your organization needs to track and act on healthcare trends.

What Our Clients Say

I signed up because my employer offered Bedsiide as a benefit. Working with Megan, the Lead Health Assistant has been a blessing. She is compassionate, thoughtful, kind and has my best interests at heart. Megan is thorough and answers all my questions and concerns. She is an amazing resource. I appreciate her prompt response and follow up. I have great peace of mind and comfort knowing Megan is my advocate and walking with me on my journey. I’ve also had the pleasure of communicating with Ayanna. She reviewed an explanation of benefits for me. I asked her to make sure it was correct because it appeared that I was billed twice for one procedure. She checked it out and got back with me immediately. If you need assistance with finding a physician, looking into a second opinion or a review of an explanation of benefits Bedsiide will be there for YOU. I encourage everyone to sign up with Bedsiide. It will be the best decision EVER. I am grateful for Megan and Bedsiide.

Service Experts with Success Throughout the Country

Over 3,000 Families Served.
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Over $1,000,000 Saved Annually.​

Choose Which Best Describes You

Our health assistant will contact you soon and we invite you to tell us your story.  This is a brief, free discovery call for the purposes of learning more about you and gathering information about how we may serve you. No services or diagnoses will be provided during this call. All information is confidential