How Bedsiide Can Help You Manage Your Prescriptions

Opinion polls indicate most of the public is concerned about the cost of prescription drugs. When you dig a little deeper, our feelings about the cost of the drugs we take depend on our individual situation. About half of adults report taking at least one prescription medicine. Older Americans, those taking 4 or more medications and […]

5 Steps to Returning to Work Safely

After speaking with a broad sampling of business leaders and HR executives and reviewing numerous Return to Work plans, Bedsiide has identified these 5 steps your team may want to consider in determining how to provide a safe work environment for returning employees. Bedsiide’s population health team is available to help with your Return to […]

I’ve Just Been Diagnosed with a Serious Illness … Now What? 

Diagnosed with a Serious Illness

You went to the doctor and heard the news you were not prepared to hear; you been diagnosed with a serious illness. While thousands of people are diagnosed with serious conditions every day, it’s never something anyone expects to hear about themself. Now that you have, you’re probably wondering what to do. Receiving a serious […]

Health Screening at Different Ages

Health screenings look for diseases or conditions before you have symptoms to identify chronic conditions early while they are still treatable. Many chronic medical conditions have little or no symptoms in the early stages but can still cause damage that may worsen over time. Staying proactive with yearly health screenings and following your doctor’s advice […]

UV Safety Awareness Month

It’s July! Summer has finally come and it really brought the heat this year. As you and your family spend time under the sun, it’s the perfect time to get informed on UV Safety Awareness. The sun’s harmful UV rays are becoming stronger each year. With this article, you will learn how to protect yourself […]

The CBD Debate: 5 Health Benefits to Consider


For many people, thoughts about cannabis bring to mind the young adults of the 1960s and 1970s getting high at music festivals. Since CBD comes from cannabis, some of those same thoughts come to mind. Yes, CBD and marijuana come from the cannabis plant but they aren’t the same. CBD oil provides potential mental and […]

The Importance of SPF | Summer Health Tips

The Importance of SPF

The summer months are quickly approaching, meaning it’s time to bust out the sunscreen as you and your family vacation on beaches and by the pool. When choosing a sunscreen, it’s crucial to note the importance of SPF protection and remember that sunscreen is crucial in all climates and regions of the country, even northern […]

Managing RX Costs

The cost of prescription drugs is high and rising fast. Lawmakers and executives are slowly starting to realize the social cost of this epidemic of expensive drugs, but they’re not moving quickly enough to help the average citizen pay for their critical prescriptions. In addition, drug prices are only rising higher and faster as the […]

Why You Should Consider Incorporating Kombucha into Your Diet

Incorporating Kombucha into Your Diet

Kombucha has been all the rage in the health food world for years now. In fact, even if you don’t know what kombucha is, you’ve likely seen bottles of the fizzy elixir on the shelves of your local grocery store. Keep reading to learn more about incorporating kombucha into your diet and its many benefits. […]

The Importance of Self-Care

In 2021, people are busier than ever. Most of us live fast-paced, jam-packed lives. As the world continues to evolve faster than ever, the need for self-care is even more essential.  Have you stopped putting yourself and your health — both physical and mental — first? If so, keep reading to learn how. What is […]

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