Take Control of Your Diagnosis and Treatment

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When you experience health challenges, you naturally want access to the best medical providers and treatment options available. The healthcare system is complicated though, and finding the right answers isn’t always easy. However, when you’re able to receive a second opinion about your care, this can confirm or even change the path and plan of […]

Who’s Taking Care of the Caregiver?

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Bedsiide would like to shine the spotlight on you, the caregiver. Parenting can be overwhelming and stressful under the best of circumstances, but parents of children with mental health challenges often deal with stress of a whole other magnitude. Caring for a child with mental health challenges can sometimes become a full-time job and an […]

The Cost of Cancer

Executive Summary While bravely battling a rare form of cancer, Gale asked Bedsiide to partner with her during the journey. Bedsiide provided both clinical and financial oversight and steering, which allowed her to find the right providers and treatments. The Bedsiide Team provided personalized health management, daily care coordination, and claims monitoring services. The results: […]

Creating Positive Outcomes for Patient with Multiple Concussions

Avoid Costs for costs avoided and savings for both the employee and employer.​

Executive Summary A former MMA fighter with a history of multiple concussions seeks treatment so that he may feel strong and safe again. After seeing multiple clinicians and receiving poor outcomes, his employer refers him to Bedsiide for a team and a plan. The client receives straight answers from the Bedsiide team and gets a […]

Choose Which Best Describes You

Our health assistant will contact you soon and we invite you to tell us your story.  This is a brief, free discovery call for the purposes of learning more about you and gathering information about how we may serve you. No services or diagnoses will be provided during this call. All information is confidential