Summer Health Tips | 5 Ways to Stay Healthy this Summer

summer health tips

As the weather warms up and the days become longer, what better time than summer to get outdoors and be active, try new activities, and taste delicious and fresh seasonal produce? Keep reading to learn our top summer health tips! Eat Fresh Take advantage of the plethora of fresh fruit and vegetables available in the […]

What Does the American Rescue Plan Mean for Your Health Insurance?

What Does the American Rescue Plan Mean for Your Health Insurance?

The American Rescue Plan – more formally known as H.R.1319 – was signed into law on March 11. 2021 by the newly-elected President Biden. This crucial piece of COVID-19-era legislation was designed and written in an effort to provide more widespread relief to the country during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But, what does the American Rescue […]

Making Healthy Choices at Summer BBQs

making healthy choices at summer BBQs

Summer’s almost here, and you’re probably excited about getting back out for barbecues with friends and family. One downside is that barbecue season, like the holidays, isn’t exactly an easy time for the waistline or for anyone looking to stick to a diet. Does this mean you have to cut back on barbeques or suffer […]

The No Surprises Act: What You Need to Know

The No Surprises Act

In December of last year, after years of heated debate, Congress passed legislation to ban surprise medical bills in a law known as the No Surprises Act. The No Surprises Act provides sweeping protections from unexpected charges for patients—which accompany 20-44% of elective surgeries and hospital visits and range from a few hundred dollars to […]

How to: Take Control of Your Health 

take control of your health

Your health is your wealth; in order to achieve true success in any area of your life, it is essential to first set the foundation of physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual health. With a solid, healthy foundation, the overall body is able to operate at optimal capacity to achieve your life goals. The keys […]

World Health Day 2021

World Health Day

Every year on April 7, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates World Health Day by highlighting a timely theme in the medical and wellness world. Last year’s theme celebrated the work of nurses and midwives and highlighted their crucial part in the response to the pandemic.  This year the campaign is building a fairer, healthier […]

Spring Health Watch: What to Look Out For This Season

spring health

Spring is a time when many of us have a bit more pep in our step! Winter is over and summer is just around the corner. It’s time to put the snow boots away and dust off the flip-flops. But, with the advent of more sun and time outdoors, spring health risks can arise for […]

Healthcare Trends on the Rise in 2021 and Beyond 

healthcare trends on the rise in 2021

When we talk about healthcare trends on the rise for 2021, it’s no surprise that the majority of researcher’s focus is on tackling the lingering global pandemic. From trialing new COVID vaccines to developing apps for early detection— COVID-19 has kept researchers busy. Let’s dive deeper into what we can expect to see in the […]

Your Heart Health Matters! | Bedsiide

Everyone knows that sleep is important. Children, teens, and adults all need a decent amount of sleep each night, for both their physical and mental well-being.