Consumer Assistant

Employee Healthcare Concierge​

“>”>Overwhelmed by a Diagnosis or Medical Bills? Confused by the Healthcare System? “>”>Talk to a live Family Healthcare Assistant today to help you navigate the increasingly complex healthcare system. Get a Free Evaluation “>Our Live Family Healthcare Assistants Have Your Back.”> “>”>Your assistant handles the complexities that come along withbeing sick so you can just […]

Webinar – Leading with Courageous Agility

Webinar Leading with courageous agility An HR Manager roundtable on leading your employees through COVID-19. LEngth 38 Minutes Webinar Host Corey Booker, MD Watch Now About this webinar Hear what HR Professionals are currently doing to keep their employees safe, help their mental wellness and help them return to work. Topics discussed in this roundtable […]

Choose Which Best Describes You

Our health assistant will contact you soon and we invite you to tell us your story.  This is a brief, free discovery call for the purposes of learning more about you and gathering information about how we may serve you. No services or diagnoses will be provided during this call. All information is confidential