Is a Concierge Medical Plan Right for You?

Concierge Medical Plan

If you’re dealing with chronic illness or health conditions that need special care, you probably know the struggle of constant calls and visits to your doctor. It can be a challenge to keep track of everything, and you may end up waiting weeks or even days to see your doctor.  That’s why direct primary care, […]

Setting Health Goals for 2021

health goals

2020 was a rough year. As the public health crisis swept the world, many of us experienced other health issues, from chronic stress to poor diets to sedentary lifestyles as we stayed at home on the couch. Now that the New Year is approaching, the pressure to set health goals for a better 2021 is […]

Why Your Organization Needs a Healthcare Consultant 

healthcare consultant

The challenge of providing affordable and effective healthcare requires complex solutions. Patients, employers, insurers, lawmakers, and the industry all have a stake in achieving the goals of healthcare–to improve patient satisfaction, to better the health of the population, and to decrease healthcare costs. The answer is a healthcare consultant. How a Healthcare Consultant Can Benefit […]

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

healthy holiday eating tips

As the holiday season arrives, so does the temptation of eating your weight in food. With dinners, and Christmas parties it can be easy to get swept away from your routine and find yourself with a New Year’s resolution to lose some weight. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need to […]

COVID-10 Vaccine FAQ

HOW WILL THE COVID-19 VACCINE WORK? Vaccines help your body build an immune response by imitating a virus. Vaccines can be made from a live virus, a part of the virus such as the protein spike of the Coronavirus or the genetic code that builds the virus. HOW WILL I KNOW IF THE COVID-19 VACCINE […]

What Are the Differences Between Pre-Authorization & Pre-Certification?

What Are the Differences Between Pre-Authorization & Pre-Certification? In today’s world of healthcare, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of coverage options available and what goes along with each of them. This is especially true when addressing the differences between pre-authorization and pre-certification. These two practices were implemented in an attempt to […]

How to Tell if This is Normal Teen Behavior or if it is a Problem

How to Tell if This is Normal Teen Behavior or if it is a Problem Teenagers are known as moody beings. They’re portrayed in movies as sleeping a lot and being mad at the world. On the other hand, a happy, loud, laughing group of teens is a normal sight to see. Certain behaviors make […]

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