Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

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Global Employee Health and Fitness Month (GEHFM) is an international observance of health and fitness in the workplace.  May is all about promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle to employers and employees through worksite health promotion activities and environments. Created by the National Association for Health and Fitness, led by Diane Hart, it implements healthy moments performed by healthy groups.

This month offers organizations the opportunity to reflect on how they can help employees live healthy lifestyles. By promoting and engaging healthy living through workplace initiatives and incentives, both employees and employers gain a plethora of benefits and enjoy a happy workplace. 

Why Participate in Global Employee Health and Fitness Month?

Wellness programs implemented in the workplace benefit both the employer and the employee. 

Employer Benefits

  • Improved employee productivity
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Decreased rates of illness and injury

Employee Benefits

  • Reduced stress levels, BMI, and blood pressure
  • Increased well-being
  • Improved self-image and esteem
  • Improved physical fitness and stamina
  • Increased job satisfaction

Workplace wellness programs foster a sense of belonging, trust, and mutual understanding. Take this opportunity to launch your program during Global Employee Health and Fitness Week! Find resources at

What Organizations Can Do

Create events and programs that challenge your team to create Healthy Moments. These are moments focused on the individual. They include eating healthy and participating in physical activity. Encourage your employees to try a new healthy recipe, cook at home instead of dining out, start a backyard garden, and schedule a health assessment.  

Form Healthy Groups, these are small groups of employees to create a sustainable activity that will start in the month of May and continue throughout the year. Ideas include lunchtime exercise groups, walking or biking to work together, and forming a healthy meal club to share recipes and contribute healthy snacks for the office. 

Employers should also help to form a Culminating Project, an event or series of events that promote a healthy lifestyle within the company. Employers can do this by including support for a healthy workforce in the company vision or mission statement. Adopt a tobacco cessation policy, create a company or family fitness event, and implementing a company-wide physical activity. 

Organize a system to log employee activities, share and promote them. Get a toolkit to help your organization get started today at

How it Works

Join the 2021 Global Employee Health and Fitness Month by registering here. Invite your team to join and track their Healthy Moments, Groups, and Projects. Offer prizes for goals that are met.  Select one point person within your company to tally points throughout the month. 

Download your GEHFM ToolKit for all the resources you will need to have a successful campaign! Share your participation on your social media pages. We at Bedsiide encourage you to participate and reap the benefits offered by instilling healthy living in everyone in your organization. 

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