Healthcare Billing Assistants For Families & Individuals

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Your Personal Billing Team

healthcare billing assistants

When building a claim, you want experts on your team working hard to achieve successful reimbursements from your insurance company. Bedsiide Healthcare Billing Members are certified coders, medical billers, and professionals with experience in both the business processes and clinical services of provider offices and major healthcare facilities. Since 2011, Bedsiide has served over 3,000 families and a variety of therapeutic programs nationwide. Our trusted team is ready to serve your family, too.

Keeping You Informed and Saving Time

A cash-based facility is one that does not accept insurance. Filing claims for cash-based
facility treatment takes time – often many weeks of follow-ups, regular submissions of documentation, and ongoing requests and demands of proof of medical necessity. Bedsiide manages all of this for you – reducing stress, saving time, and getting your maximum return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bedsiide works directly with parents and guardians of students enrolled in Wilderness Programs, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, and Residential Treatment Centers to manage health insurance claims and ensure maximum coverage. Bedsiide clients have a dedicated point of contact and support team advocating on their behalf.

Choose Which Best Describes You

Our health assistant will contact you soon and we invite you to tell us your story.  This is a brief, free discovery call for the purposes of learning more about you and gathering information about how we may serve you. No services or diagnoses will be provided during this call. All information is confidential