Here’s How Bedsiide is Helping Families Just Like Yours

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We love talking with our families, and over the years we’ve received a lot of questions about different insurance and billing related matters. We’d like to share some of those inquiries with you to provide a better idea about how we’ve
served others in the past, and how we’re ready to serve you now. So, here is a real question from a real Bedsiide client:

“I’m paying cash for this service and my provider didn’t give me a bill.
Can I still file a claim with my insurance carrier?”

Bedsiide Response:
Here’s What We Did:
An Bedsiide Billing Assistant reviewed the client’s insurance policy coverage. Then we obtained medical records and our billing experts created a proper bill for the services. Our billing team also created an insurance claim and submitted it to the insurance carrier on behalf of the client. The Billing Assistant was persistent and followed up on the status of the claim, providing updates to the client along the way. As a result, the claim was successfully processed, and the client was reimbursed in accordance with their insurance coverage.

This is just one of the many clients who got their money back with the help of Bedsiide. Our team celebrates each of these wins and we’d love to celebrate your next win, too!

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