How Bedsiide Can Help You Manage Your Prescriptions

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Opinion polls indicate most of the public is concerned about the cost of prescription drugs. When you dig a little deeper, our feelings about the cost of the drugs we take depend on our individual situation.

About half of adults report taking at least one prescription medicine. Older Americans, those taking 4 or more medications and those in fair health are more likely to have difficulty affording those medications. Some estimates indicate 30% of Americans have missed taking their medication as prescribed due to cost.

If you are concerned about the cost of your prescription medications, Bedsiide is here to offer help.  Our team of health assistants look forward to finding solutions that work for you: it may be a change to a single combination drug instead of multiple pills or it may be performing price comparisons to save money on new or existing prescriptions – ultimately, our goal is to ensure you receive the care you need to meet your goals and find the most affordable options available.

Are you concerned about your medications?

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