How Will Bedsiide Serve Your Family?

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When you’re focused on caring for the ones you love most, handling the details of insurance claims seems overwhelming. At Bedsiide, we understand that you want to spend time with your family – not hours on the phone with the insurance company.

5 Ways a Billing Assistant Can Help You! Our Billing Assistants work directly with the family or guardian to manage all insurance claims, ensuring maximum coverage. Bedsiide offers a Billing Assistant Subscription Service that includes insurance coding, claim creation, and submission. But did you know that Bedsiide also offers a la carte services? We have solutions to meet all of your family’s insurance needs.

Medical or Mental Health Bill Auditing – Do you have a claim you feel was processed incorrectly or denied in error? Bedsiide’s Billing Assistants will audit the claim and provide you with advice and guidance on how to resolve the issue.

Invoice Creation – Did you have services performed, but no invoice was given by the provider? Or do you have an invoice that was provided, but your insurance will not accept it in its current format? Bedsiide will code and build an invoice to your insurance companies specifications.

Corrected Claims Management – Do you have claims that were denied and you’re unsure of your options or how to proceed? Our Billing Assistants will re-code and/or correct the claims or submit an appeal on your behalf.

Prior Authorization – Do you have a service that requires prior-authorization, in order to be eligible for insurance reimbursement? Bedsiide will work with your insurance company and providers to obtain the prior-authorization needed.

Insurance Plan Selection – Are you unsure of which insurance policy to choose for meeting your family’s needs? Bedsiide will review the policies and provide you with advice and guidance on which plans best suit you and your family’s needs.

Whatever your insurance needs may be, Bedsiide is ready to step in and assist!

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