Increase Employee Satisfaction with a Healthcare Concierge

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Healthcare today is becoming increasingly complicated and costly. Many employers are scrambling around, trying to figure out ways to reduce their costs while still offering their employees satisfactory coverage that meets their needs and is not too difficult to understand. The answer many employers are coming to is concierge service that will also increase employee satisfaction.

Clarify the More Complex Components of Healthcare

Managers are constantly swamped with fair but difficult questions from their employees regarding their health coverage. Some of the more simple  questions commonly asked are “How much am I covered for these specific services?” “Who are the providers for our plan’s network and how can I reach them?” “What are the copays and deductibles associated with our plan?” and “Are there any nontraditional treatments which are covered through our plan?” 

Managers often give vague or incomplete answers to these inquiries because of the complexity and conditions of most health plans. But, concierge healthcare can provide responses that are direct, concise, and clear. The concierge will be able to answer all of these questions in a timely and clear manner as well, lifting the fog and confusion and making your employees’ coverage simple to understand.

High-Risk Employees are Better Cared For

Employees who are considered “high-risk” will have pre-existing conditions or disabilities which demand greater or more frequent medical care. These conditions are mainly identified by the American Disabilities Act, to give employees a fair playing field and breakdown of where they stand and what they’re eligible for. 

Many companies are reluctant to provide health coverage to high-risk employees because ofthe risk associated with their pre-existing conditions and a higher likelihood of disease. However, a healthcare concierge can make this decision easier and discuss all of the options available to your business when caring for a high-risk employee. 

This ensures the employee will be cared for and your bottom line won’t suffer because of a lack of knowledge about all available options.

Reduced Stress Means Improved Productivity

Healthcare concierge services have been offered for a few years now and there are consistent, reliable data that demonstrates a reduction in stress for those employees whose business uses a healthcare concierge service. 

In fact, one study reported that ninety-three percent of employees use concierge services to reduce their stress and improve the balance between their work and home life. This reduction in stress leads directly to an increase in productivity, as workers with greater peace of mind have more energy and time to focus on the job at hand without worrying about their future in terms of bodily and mental health. 

The simple truth of the matter is, when employees feel cared for and valued by their company, they’re willing to go above and beyond in their work, in terms of both quantity and quality, and nothing makes employees feel valued quite like having their own healthcare concierge to answer all of their pressing and complex questions at the drop of a hat.

Final Thoughts

If your company is looking for a way to avoid the hassles and headaches of dealing with the many components of your employees’ healthcare and benefits, there is no better hire you can make than a healthcare concierge. Healthcare concierges will help alleviate questions you and your employees have about coverage, which will lead to a larger bottom line, better coverage for your high-risk employees, a reduction in stress in the general employee population, and an increase in productivity for your business.

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