OnPulse is now Bedsiide

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OnPulse was founded by Dr. Corey Booker in 2011 in order to provide clients with access to information to help them through their healthcare journey. That was our mission 9 years ago and it remains our mission today. To make healthcare feel right for you.

It was Dr. Booker’s intent that OnPulse would execute his passion of helping people improve their health, meet their healthcare outcomes, and encourage collaborations in the provider-patient relationship. To accomplish this, OnPulse offers patient advocacy services, care coordination, access to second health opinions, insurance and billing assistance, and many more concierge-style services. 

OnPulse was developed in response to the need Dr. Booker found patients in need of someone to advocate on their behalf and help navigate them through the confusing healthcare arena. He found that patients need to feel heard as to what their ultimate healthcare goals are. OnPulse was designed to ease patient concerns, fears, and questions by giving patients access to a team of medical experts to help them confidently navigate the health system.  OnPulse utilizes a personalized approach, which incorporates modern methods all aimed to avoid unnecessary expenses, improve outcomes, and eliminate or reduce fear and confusion.

Over the last almost 10 years now, we have been able to see $1 million in annual healthcare cost savings and helped over 3,000 families. We are so proud of this work, but are excited about, what we believe is an even brighter future ahead as a company. 

After reflection and taking client communications into consideration, Dr. Booker realized that clients needed more: they need someone to listen to them and make them feel heard; they need someone to walk them through their healthcare journey and help them meet all of their healthcare goals. Dr. Booker recognizes that medical procedures are not the solution to every medical problem. Patients ultimately need someone to listen to them and help them achieve their care goals throughout their care journey. 

Because of this, we have decided to re-name OnPulse to Bedsiide. The name came to Dr. Booker after reminiscing on a term his grandmother uses to describe her healthcare experience-bedside manner. Bedside manner is a phrase that describes a doctor’s approach and attitude towards their patients. Poor bedside manner includes disrespectful and disinterested behavior of the provider, and it can often lead to heightened anxiety, fear, or other emotional trauma in the patient. Qualities of good bedside manner include active listening, communication, and attention to detail. Quality bedside manner establishes the trusting, empathetic and full relationship patients desire to hold with their provider. OnPulse already operated under these principles; now our name will reflect these principles too. 

Bedsiide is the same trusted team of clinicians, advocates, billing specialists, and claim specialists you can call, email, or chat for help. Bedsiide is committed to the same purpose, mission, and principles as OnPulse. Bedsiide will execute these principles with the same intent and same team. Our team is here to help you get the most out of your health care benefits and meet your healthcare outcomes. Bedsiide is here to help healthcare feel right for you.

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