National Safety Month

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Whether it’s the workplace or home, safety is a priority. It’s good to be aware of the safety issues that could affect you each year at this time. National Safety Month takes place each June to promote safety, awareness, and appreciation for the many ways we improve our health, lives, and community by taking precautions to minimize risk. It’s a perfect fit for our public health focus during COVID-19.

As part of our work to reduce risks and increase safety, we have observed National Safety Month for over two decades. National Safety Month has become one of the most visible and recognized events in workplace safety. NSC (National Safety Council) promotes a positive attitude toward workplace safety through public awareness programs, such as National Safety Month. These programs help all workers – whether in businesses or government agencies, in construction sites or on oil rigs, and in small family farms or large retail establishments – protect themselves from hazards that can place them at risk of injury or death.

Each year, National Safety Month brings together safety professionals, corporate partners, and organizations from across the country for a unified voice to get the word out on the importance of workplace safety. It’s part of our continued commitment to reducing injury in the workplace.

Now more than ever, we need to work together to make our workplaces safer. National Safety Month provides a unique opportunity to network and learn from each other about how we can prevent fatalities, injuries, and illnesses in our workplaces. The theme for this year’s observance is “Sadak Suraksha (Road Safety),” which covers emerging trends in health and safety, technology, sustainability, and occupational health that will shape the future of work. Participation in National Safety Month 2021 also serves as a planning tool for National Safety Month 2022.

Risks in the workplace can include certain infectious diseases, use of excessive amounts of heat or cold, or using equipment that’s old or worn out. We know how important it is to ensure that our workers are safe every day. Each year, there are approximately 2.3 million deaths from workplace accidents.

Partners from across industries – from construction and agriculture to health care, manufacturing and retail – can join us by participating in National Safety Month activities. In addition to events throughout the month, we’re offering additional tools to help you get the word out about how you can improve your workplace safety, and inform others about their workplace health and safety opportunities and risks.

We hope you’ll join us in making this year’s celebration a success and celebrate National Safety Month with a pledge to make safety a priority. Our goal is to get the message out that safety in our workplaces is everyone’s responsibility – the company, its employees, and the communities we live in. Let’s all work together to continue moving the needle toward healthier, safer communities.

“Safety work is today recognized as an economic necessity. It is the study of the right way to do things.” -Robert W. Campbell

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