What Are the Differences Between Pre-Authorization & Pre-Certification?

What Are the Differences Between Pre-Authorization & Pre-Certification? In today’s world of healthcare, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of coverage options available and what goes along with each of them. This is especially true when addressing the differences between pre-authorization and pre-certification. These two practices were implemented in an attempt to […]

Why It’s More Important than Ever Before to Get Your Flu Shot This Year

If you’ve been skipping your flu shots the past few years, now is the time to start getting vaccinated. Unlike the virus that causes COVID-19, influenza has been around for years in various forms. Each year, new vaccines are released to target the strains that you are most likely to contract. As COVID-19 continues to […]

How to Return to Work and School Safely

How to Return to Work & School Safely As we continue to adapt to and settle into a new school year, a return to more in-person activities as well as our offices, it can be stressful to figure out how to keep your family healthy at the same time. Preparations to go to work and […]

Helping a Family with an Unexpected Diagnosis

Executive Summary What happens when your child is diagnosed with a rare and debilitating disease? That’s the question the Jones family found themselves wrestling with after their 3-year-old daughter Emma was diagnosed with early-onset Chron’s disease. This rare diagnosis stunned the family, including Emma’s mother, herself a pediatrician at Duke. We partnered with the Jones […]

5 Steps to Align Employees Toward Value in Healthcare

Employee Healthcare Concierge - 5 Steps to Align Employees Toward Value in Healthcare​​

“Most people have a need to act on old truths rather than to act on new ones.” —Anonymous All In a Row “Have you ever had someone call you about a set of circumstances that they can’t control? As a friend, you typically listen for a while and then ask them, “Well, what do you […]

Webinar – Leading with Courageous Agility

Webinar Leading with courageous agility An HR Manager roundtable on leading your employees through COVID-19. LEngth 38 Minutes Webinar Host Corey Booker, MD Watch Now About this webinar Hear what HR Professionals are currently doing to keep their employees safe, help their mental wellness and help them return to work. Topics discussed in this roundtable […]

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