The Importance of Self-Care

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In 2021, people are busier than ever. Most of us live fast-paced, jam-packed lives. As the world continues to evolve faster than ever, the need for self-care is even more essential. 

Have you stopped putting yourself and your health — both physical and mental — first? If so, keep reading to learn how.

What is Self-Care?

You may have heard this “self-care” buzzword thrown around online, between friends, or at your workplace. It seems it’s all the rage– but what is self-care? 

In short, self-care encompasses all the things we do to care for ourselves, beyond the bare minimum human survival. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “self-care is a broad concept encompassing hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle, environmental factors, socio-economic factors, and self-meditation.” For those of you reading this lengthy definition, you might still wonder, “OK- but what does this actually look like?” or “How do I actually implement this?”

Starting Your Self-Care Routine

The same basic self-care practices often come to mind, like getting extra sleep or making healthier food choices. But, self-care routines do not need to be elaborate or costly to be effective. Self-care techniques can be quick and fun things you incorporate into your daily routine without even thinking about it! The great thing about self-care techniques is that they can be creative and adapted to your personal needs. One person’s self-care routine might look completely different than someone else’s. 

Below are some fun and unique ways to incorporate self-care into your life this summer:

  1. Bubble Baths- When is the last time you took a bath, much less a bubble bath? If the answer is “not since I was a kid,”—it’s been too long! Even a 10-to-15-minute bubble bath can promote relaxation, relieve anxiety, and combat depression. A bubble bath can be a quick and inexpensive way to have a quiet and relaxing place to be in your own mind for a bit. Even better, they’re a great way to relax after a long and hot summer day.
  2. Wearing Sunscreen/SPF – You might be thinking- “how is this self-care?” The truth is, many people do not realize how caring for your skin properly can promote overall positive health. Not only does it decrease your risk of developing potentially deadly skin cancers like melanoma, but it keeps your skin looking youthful! According to UnityPoint Health, the number one cause of premature aging is Ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Wearing sunscreen can protect the health of your skin in the long term and prevent long-term wrinkles, brown spots, and skin discolorations.
  3. Clean Up!- Having a clean and clutter-free home or workspace can change your outlook on life. Often, clutter can be limiting, and feel like it’s closing in on you. This goes for both indoors or outdoors! The summer is a perfect time to do some outdoor clean-up, gardening, and finally clean out that garage.
  4. Be in The Moment- Focus on putting down electronics and enjoying the great outdoors. The summer provides so many great opportunities for outdoor explorations, beaches, parks, hikes, trails, pools. This is your time to focus on enjoying the natural beauty of the world and being mindful of our environment.

Don’t wait any longer to start taking control of your total body and mind health and wellness, try out some of our self-care tips today!


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