We understand: Every dollar counts

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Finding ways to afford mental health services – whether it’s assessments, counseling, wilderness or residential treatment – is harder than it should be. We understand: Every dollar counts.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that in just 2 years, we’ve successfully
processed over $1,000,000 in claims for families just like yours!

Earlier this month we celebrated our biggest single-client win yet! After a complex and barrier-filled process, our client received an approval of $294,000 out of $300,000 billed for a 6-month therapeutic stay at an adult-based behavioral health facility!

Outside of this amazing achievement, we continue to successfully process claims for individuals receiving outpatient services – like counseling and medication management. While smaller in scale, these services add up over time and can definitely put some padding back into your wallet so you can continue to afford the care you or your family member needs.

“You feel like a family friend – I feel respected and that you have my best interest at heart. I always appreciate your candor.”
—Billing and Claims Client

How we envision our biggest win client

We’re proud to serve our clients and families and when you win—our mission to serve is fulfilled. How we can successfully serve your family today? Call us now.

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Article is from May, 2019

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